Matt Young

My building career started in Queenstown as a labourer for a building company that specialised in large renovations.

Coming from an engineering background I found it a natural transition into building, and after labouring for about a week my boss recognised my natural practical ability and gave me some tools and promoted me to a hammer hand.
A few months later I was promoted again to oversee the other hammer hands and labourers.

That was the turning point for me, I had found a job that I loved and excelled at.

After 3 years building in Queenstown I moved to Auckland and was hired by a company that again specialised in large renovations and new builds. Within a year I was handed a set of plans for a renovation and asked if I would like to run the job. I jumped at the chance and proved myself capable and competent.

This lead to me running jobs with that same company for the next 5 years in a leading hand position. In 2103 my boss put me in charge of a new house build in Sandy bay on Waiheke Island. It was a tricky build. A 4 level house on a steep, sloping site with many complex design points . The house was completed on time and to a very high level of specification without any hiccups.

Waiheke island is a beautiful part of our country and I fell in love with it and all it has to offer, so after the house was completed, I stayed on and started work for a local builder running jobs for them. After 7 years running many jobs for these two companies the time was right to start my own company.

In partnership with my long time building associate and friend Scott Peters, my vision of owning my own building company had become a reality.


Scott Peters

My career began working for a local Devonport building company, renovating villas and completing a few new house builds. From there I headed overseas for a couple of years, my first year i spent in Banff, Canada where i completed four new house builds, i then hit London, and spent my time renovating apartments in historic buildings. After a year in Sydney working on the movies Matrix 2 and 3 building sets, I then returned to NZ to live in Queenstown.

With a building boom going on i decided it was time to start my own company. I had always been really interested in drawing plans and designing houses so I started learning architectural drafting online and attended courses whilst building as well.

Busy times. The hard work paid off, the vision to run a project from “concept to completion” was now a reality. I formed a building company and started both drawing the project and building the project. After 7 years designing and building in Queenstown and now a family man with two young boys it was time to return home to Auckland.

In 2015 with my long time building associate and friend Matt Young we decided to set up Next Level Construction on Waiheke Island and specialise in Architectural residential construction.